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Pink salmon caviar - GORBUSHA 140 KREML STANDARD

Pink salmon caviar - GORBUSHA 140 KREML STANDARD


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Online shop offers you red and black caviar of the highest quality. Our company can boast of long-term experience in wholesale purchase, storage, distribution and delivery of caviar. That’s why making a purchase at our shop you can be absolutely sure that all the norms and standards are rigidly followed.
We sell black and red caviar of premium and first-class quality made from fresh fish. The caviar is packed up in vacuum tins and glass jars in which the product is kept safe. We also thoroughly examine every item before sending it to our clients so that it has no defects and meets the certificate.
As requirements to caviar storage are quite high, we send caviar packed into a special cool box that is able to maintain the necessary temperature during transportation. Moreover, we send each parcel with express courier so as to minimize the time of delivery that is only 2-5 business days. So even in hot summer weather you can be 100% sure that your caviar will be delivered to you quickly and in excellent condition.
Shop has developed a well-organized delivery process that that permits us to send caviar to any country of the European Union in the shortest time. So we can guarantee that all the delivery and storage conditions will be followed and you get your parcel in time. The search and purchase of your favorite caviar has become much easier with online storer.

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