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Pink salmon caviar - KETA 250 GOLD!

Pink salmon caviar - KETA 250 GOLD!


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Catalog Osetra Caviar
Price: 100.00EUR
Beluga caviar is the most rare and valuable kind of black caviar! Beluga caviar is by right considered a delicious and elite delicacy. This caviar type differs not only in its exquisite taste, but also by utility and benefit for our health!
Price: 60.00EUR
This variety of sturgeon caviar is recognized to be the most delicious and valuable! The taste of roe is exquisite and mild, so it will be doubtlessly appreciated at its full value by gourmets and connoisseurs of natural black osetra caviar.
Price: 150.00EUR
Including black osetra caviar in your ration regularly, you bring not only pleasure but also health and youth to your organism!
Price: 300.00EUR
True pleasure, exquisite taste, incredible usefulness thats what black Siberian sturgeon caviar brings you!
Price: 175.00EUR
Russian sturgeon caviar is a worthy choice of fans and connoisseurs of black caviar. The caviar will not only enrich and diversify your ration but also bring incredible benefit to your health!

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