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Caviar - POLLOCKROE 100g.

Caviar - POLLOCKROE 100g.


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Catalog Salmon Caviar
Price: 8.00EUR
Pink salmon "Kremlin Standard" is the natural caviar of primary quality. Most delicious, exquisite, thoroughly selected and valuable red caviar!
Price: 8.60EUR
Besides, its mild taste with a slight note of bitterness will bring you true pleasure!
Price: 2.50EUR
Great for salads, sandwiches and snacks and will be tasty and healthy diet supplement!
Price: 10.00EUR
One of the most valuable types of red caviar is by right considered trout caviar, the popularity of which is constantly increasing due to multiple utilities of the product. Popping on the tongue, trout roe grains embrace you with rich pleasant taste.
Price: 26.00EUR
Incredibly useful and delicious, chum salmon caviar is by right considered one of the most popular types of red caviar!
Price: 20.00EUR
Using pink salmon caviar you not only add variety and exquisite taste in your cooking, but also bring huge benefit to your health!
Price: 42.00EUR
One of the most exquisite products produced by Lemberg is chum salmon caviar Gold Label!
Price: 50.00EUR
Chum salmon caviar is truly considered the most favourite delicacy in all countries of the world. The distinctive feature of this caviar type KETA PREMIUM is a large size of fish eggs that can reach 7 mm in diameter!
Price: 36.00EUR
Having a slight ocean aroma, delicately tender Gorbusha caviar melts in your mouth!
Price: 44.00EUR
One of the most favourite sort of caviar!

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Caviar - POLLOCKROE 100g.
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